Liferay Customization Tip: Media Icons

Liferay as a product and platform is very customizable.  One particular area of customization is media icons–icons that are displayed in search results for documents and media of various sorts, such as items linked to pages, etc.  By default there is a specific configuration of icons and supported media types.  These can be overridden and extended.

In Control Panel->Server Administration -> Portal Properties, the default settings for the dl.file.icons portal property can be seen.  This can be overridden in portal-ext.properties to add additional media types.

For example, add the line below to the portal-ext.properties file so Liferay recognizes the .mp4 format.  This specification of the ‘dl.file.icons’ overrides the default portal.properties setting.


Additionally, the images used by Liferay for a given media type can be overwritten.  Image files named to match a recognized media type (such as mp4.png) can be placed in the /webapps/ROOT/html/icons folder and Liferay will pick them up and use them after a restart.

Alternatively, overrwritten images can also be placed in the webapp/images folder of a custom theme and deployed as a war file.

Additionally, custom images –in png format– can be substituted for existing images that Liferay uses for various features, their function implied by the file name — such as ‘journal.png’, ‘sitemap.png’, or ‘message_boards.png’ these would be placed in the icons folder as described above.

Simple customizations such as custom media icons and supported media types are an effective away to customize and personalize a Liferay installation to meet a desired look for a particular installation.

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